Controllo peso cartoni per astucci online

Breve descrizione:

È il peso automatico e rifiuta i prodotti in sovrappeso / sottopeso. SW-C500 è per cartone da 5 a 50 kg, custodia, scatola, ecc.

  • Costruzione della macchina: Acciaio inossidabile 304
  • Sistema di scarto: Spintore a rullo
  • Tipo di cintura: PU
  • Dettagli del prodotto

    Tag dei prodotti




    Sistema di controllo

    Controllo della scheda madre con 7 "HMI

    Gamma di pesatura

    5-50 kg

    Massima velocità

    30 box / min dipende dalle caratteristiche del prodotto


    +10 grammi

    Taglia del prodotto

    100<L<500; 10<W<500 mm

    Reject system

    Pusher Roller

    Power supply

    220V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase

    Gross Weight


    C500 case checkweigher


    It is auto weigh and reject the overweight / underweight products. SW-C500 weight checker is for 5-50kg carton, case, box and etc.



    •  7" Kinco touch screen and motherboard control, more stability and easier to operate;

    •  Apply HBM load cell ensure high accuracy and stability (original from Germany);

    •  Solid SUS304 structure ensures stable performance and precise weighing;

    •  Pneumatic pusher with roller for selecting;

    •  Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean;

    •  Arm device show clients clearly for the production situation (optional);

    case checkweigher
    carton checkweigher
    roller checkweigher


    1. How should I choose the rejection system?

    The pusher with roller for better rejects the unqualified products.


    2. How to collect the rejected products?

    We provide collection bins as optional. The collect bin is with a sensor and alarm. When products in the collection bin are over 2/3, it will alarm. The operator can clear the collection bins. 

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